Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had written this long back. Had posted this as well. But then deleted it. Then I realised that its all about feelings.A person has lots of ups and downs in his/her life. And he/she shouldn't be afraid of expressing the feelings they go through then. Coz though the life is long enough, we have very less time to express.:)

So here it goes...
Dated- 12 July,2010

Its gone..that feeling of curiosity, belongingness, togetherness, contentment is gone.. I have become so quiet all of a sudden. nothing feels bad. nothing feels good.. its so much better but its so much lonely. At least now I know what to expect from life. I can see myself alone.. but I guess I am comfortable like that now. I am much more like me when I am with me. I know what to expect from myself and what not to. At least if I expect from myself I am sure I will do anything to fulfill it.. Its much better than expecting from others and hurting yourself.. One really doesn't have the rights to simply ask other person to give him/her what he/she wants.. But i guess without it any relation will be empty and colourless.. well i am liking it this way now.. for the time being..
Coz i need to value my tears, I need to value myself now. I know what I go through and I know why I should be left alone..
I am not running away.. but I suddenly am not liking to talk or socialize. Its better that I stand alone at the edge of a cliff rather than having somebody by my side.. Coz There will be a constant fear that he/she may push me down!!