Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yes.. I am irritating!!

They say, you irritate us,
I reply, don’t create a fuss.
NO use of your literacy
You are low in your efficacy.
You learnt the definition of energy when in second
You grasped the meaning two years later,
You heard the word in seminars
Where they talked about it for hours
You don’t know how to plan
You could but you ran
It is expedient to use your brains now
Conducive to the know-how,
Switch off the fans and the lights
Stop throwing garbage at your sight.
Grow up, stand up for what is right
Plan and save, energy in all forms
Water, heat or be it rays
Understand and don’t be shy to say
A drop of water is important,
A minute of heat is warmth
Your city, the roads, the parks are not dustbins
Stop the blame games, take a peek inside of you
Change to improve
Improve is for good
Your chin up does not make you a dude
It’s the right amount of brains and right attitude that does
Learn to appreciate the world around
Be calm, stay peaceful, silence has sound..
Be educated, not just literate
And If you say I irritate
I am glad that I do
Because if this is what it takes to induce understanding
I agree.. Yes.. I am irritating.


  1. Mr/Ms Anonymous.. do u really need to be 'anonymous' for sayin that..!!

  2. well.. whatever it takes to say that!

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  4. You can never be to those who know u thoroughly, Sneh(a)!! To put it the other way round, u may be to those who don't value u!.. The word WARMTH in your writing creates a special nostalgic effect for me!!...nothngs changed, its all still so clear, flashing in front of my eyes, the ambience here making it easier to comprehend things, in the silence of this night!!... well thanks for your blog!!!
    Something relevant!!

    1. Hey Mr Doctor.. :) thanks for the words written above.. and am unable to open the link that u have pasted..:(

    2. Just select this link

      and then either paste it on the address bar of ur browser and enter or
      just google it..and in the search results u get select the one with the flickr link, it might be the only result or the first or the third one.. nothng big, but significant for me!..
      if u still dont get it, let me know.. wud somehow make it work!..

    3. nope.. i guess my browser doesnt support flickr..

    4. wish i cud have mailed that link to u!.. nevermind!!

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  6. you already so irritating snakie!! then why this poem to top it all??? :p


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