Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Impressions...??

Why is first impression so much important in personal life (please exclude all corporate dealings and interviews , which might come in the personal category of a few people!)? I mean why just one glance at a person forces you to draw a conclusion on him/her. Isn't that unfair?

The day you see him/her he/she might be not in the correct frame of mind. May have had an argument at home, or may have had a fight with a friend or something. She might not be herself for some reason. And you easily think you know her in and out. So very unfair.

Yup, I simply do not believe in first impressions. I used to at one point of time but now I know it takes a lot to know a person. A lot. Sometimes even a lifetime feels less. Knowing a person is an art. Not everyone can master it. Not everyone has so much of patience. Not everyone will be interested to know who exactly are you. Not everyone will be ready to explore your mind and find extra ordinary things about you which might amaze them and for you, the things were neva of much importance.

The world is full of interesting people. It's full of surprises and wonders. Give it a second chance. Find yourself in someone and then try to know them. You will be surprised that you missed out so much about them at the first chance. Life never gives you a second chance. You have to find it, make it... or create it.

Live and Laugh.. Share..

It's true that 'like-minded' category makes us take a step back, but there is no harm in respecting the difference. There might be so many 'not so good' things in you, but then a few people still love you (family and close friends). So why not share the love with others. No body is ever perfect but one can always strive to be while enjoying life. Let's stop criticizing people for what they are not.

Just appreciate them for what they are.. And Life will be so much easy!! :)



  2. Yes, its true that first impression can't be the last impression but sometimes it happens you don't have time and energy to waste on well as you only want to gather information and knowledge of your dear ones....more attractive and the ones you are interested you miss out on some of the good opportunities of knowing good people....A good thought...nice article...

  3. Nice!!! You can't judge a person based upon First Impression..... That won't be fair on your judging and won't be fair to that person too. Nicely written..

  4. Aren't we humans rotten? None of us is perfect but all of us judge sometimes by first impression.I try so hard not to do this, but I do it anyway more often than not, just as I know others do the same..........will practice more to perfection...........cheers for life


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