Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Impressions...??

Why is first impression so much important in personal life (please exclude all corporate dealings and interviews , which might come in the personal category of a few people!)? I mean why just one glance at a person forces you to draw a conclusion on him/her. Isn't that unfair?

The day you see him/her he/she might be not in the correct frame of mind. May have had an argument at home, or may have had a fight with a friend or something. She might not be herself for some reason. And you easily think you know her in and out. So very unfair.

Yup, I simply do not believe in first impressions. I used to at one point of time but now I know it takes a lot to know a person. A lot. Sometimes even a lifetime feels less. Knowing a person is an art. Not everyone can master it. Not everyone has so much of patience. Not everyone will be interested to know who exactly are you. Not everyone will be ready to explore your mind and find extra ordinary things about you which might amaze them and for you, the things were neva of much importance.

The world is full of interesting people. It's full of surprises and wonders. Give it a second chance. Find yourself in someone and then try to know them. You will be surprised that you missed out so much about them at the first chance. Life never gives you a second chance. You have to find it, make it... or create it.

Live and Laugh.. Share..

It's true that 'like-minded' category makes us take a step back, but there is no harm in respecting the difference. There might be so many 'not so good' things in you, but then a few people still love you (family and close friends). So why not share the love with others. No body is ever perfect but one can always strive to be while enjoying life. Let's stop criticizing people for what they are not.

Just appreciate them for what they are.. And Life will be so much easy!! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I had written a long note on my second trip to Maher, but I somehow wasn't contented. I deleted it. Words are too less to describe the feeling one feels after bringing smile on their faces.. So pious, so serene, so calm. Children are really the best gift from God!!

Fearless, innocent, inquisitive, cheerful, lovable.. they truly know how to live and respect life. How to respect what you have. How to believe in yourself and learn the odds of this beautiful world. Maher is a place in shirur- 'mother's home' where I find the missing solace in me.

A day spent with them is a day where you realise the extent of materialism present in the world today and how we all are stuck in it's web. We all have really forgotten how much happiness and pleasure simple things of life can bring. 'A smile to a stranger can make her feel nice about herself' is not what we do. The children knew how to say 'Thank you' with humility. They were so talented and full of energy that it was difficult to believe life can be so simple and enjoyable if we lived it the way it should be.

I am not going to write more since the feeling is inexplicable. I am glad I reunited with my soul and felt peaceful.

Friday, November 26, 2010

She came... and left me wondering!

She came in my dream last night,
looking beautiful and at peace,
she told me not to worry, she is fine,
and that she is there and will always be mine.

She told me that she sees my pain,
and is helpless that can't wipe my tears,
she said she wants me to be happy,
and asked me to erase my fears.

I told her that I am scared,
I don't want to lose her memories from my heart,
I told her that I loved her and I missed her so much,
I asked her why was she so far away, didn't she miss me
Didn't she ever yearn for my touch?

She smiled in front of me, but I knew she was crying inside,
She asked me if I would do something for her?
I smiled and said,'You never have to ask this question love, just say?'
and gave a promise that it will be done.

She gave me a box, and asked me to destroy it
I wondered what it was, I wondered why;
I asked her and she replied, 'it will give you strength',
So trusting her I destroyed, burnt it and what was left were ashes,
Amazingly I felt light, I looked around and she stood there smiling,
She then said, 'You just destroyed your past and now you have nothing to lose..'
'I miss you more than you can imagine, it's cold here and I am alone'
'I miss holding your hand, I miss your warmth, I miss you being there'
'I miss everything about you, the more I miss, the more I do'
'But the thing I miss the most is your happiness'
'So start anew, let things go... tomorrow it will be a new day, for u and for me'
'I want to be the reason for your smile, not tears'
'I want to be your strength, not fear'

and she went.

I woke with a start.. and wondered who she was!?

As I never had a chance to love, nobody ever loved me!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Message in a bottle

What am I to you?
You complete me, he replied.
It's not possible to stay away from someone so honest and beautiful,
Someone so pure at heart. I just wanna be close

The following is written by Nicholas Spark.

He was angry at her. For dying and leaving him alone.
He wrote, I have been lost, I don't have a compass.I was never lost before.
You were my true north. Forgive me for being so angry at you. Some mistakes have been made and I am waiting for God to take them back.

You came into my dream last night. Hugged me like a lover, rocked me like a child. All I remember from that dream is of you at peace. I woke up with that feeling and tried to keep it alive as long as I could.

I am sorry for so many things.I am sorry I never took better care of you so that you never spent one minute feeling cold or scared or sick. I am sorry I never tried harder to find the words that could tell what I was feeling. I am sorry I ever fought with you. I am sorry I didn't apologise more, I was too proud. Am sorry I didn't bring you more compliments at everything you wore and every way you fixed your hair. I am sorry I didn't hold on to you with so much strength that God couldn't pull you away.

Why is it so hard to confess your feelings sometimes. What are we afraid of? It's so easy to vent out the stuff you are feeling inside. It needs no courage, it needs no strength. All it needs is a heart...

This is to all those who just don't say it. Say it. Say whatever you want to. To all those whom you love. Express. It heals. It takes away all the pain. There is nothing called fear. It's only inside you. Don't let that someone special go away just because you didn't say. Give surprises to them Make them happy. Appreciate them. Compliment them. And believe me, you are doing a great favour to yourself.:)

Try it and let me know.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beauty in imperfections...

Ever wondered how much beautiful everything is?
The sky, the sea; the you, the me,
The smile, the pain, the love, the fame,
The feel, the soul, the touch that heals.

The first walk of a child, his first scribble on a paper;
The first song he sings, the first poem he recites;
The first dish that your girl cooks when you know its not what it should have been,
The first hand made card from a person who never drew before,
The love that is left unsaid but is found deep in the core.

The times when he spills food every time he eats,
The moment when after warning you still do it all wrong,
The first cup of coffee, the second and the third,
The untidy hair, and the look so innocent,
The words said made me feel what they meant.

We grow up with lots of learnings, we grow up to learn more,
We grow up with experiences and grow up for more,
We grow up wanting to be perfect like no one else,
Like the one we think we want us to be, the one who knows how and when to lock the doors.

We do grow up, growing up each day, to learn more, to experience life,
We grow up, you grow up and I grow up too,
I am growing up to be the one I want to be, the perfect me,
But then I make mistakes, sometimes; am a human, with some imperfections,
Imperfections which you may find dumb,
But then I see beauty in some, not mine,
So maybe one day I'll be loved,
For the beauty you find in my imperfections.

Love you Papa and Mommy for loving me the way I am.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Courage is what it takes to be the one you are,
Courage is what it takes to accept defeat.
Courage is when you are with the person you love the most,
No matter what circumstances are, no matter what it costs.

Courage is to accept that you could be wrong,
Courage is to believe that God exists,
Even when you’re in the toughest of times, losing hope;
Courage is to say that you are sorry,
When you know it might not be alright,
Courage is to hold hands and say, I will always be there,
When you know there is not much time left,
Courage is to let things go and start anew,
No matter how hard it is, but you know there are promises to be kept.

Courage is to always love your love,
During fights, miserable times, and tears,
Courage is to never lose yourself, and be strong,
Courage is to smile, and sacrifice for your love,
Courage is to not have ego, when situations will try to make you rough,
Courage is to hug the one who has hurt you the most, when in pain
Courage is to keep trying even when you know, the trials are in vain.

Courage is to love someone and be always there,
Courage is not to make promises, but to keep them,
Courage is to not let go when it is the easiest,
Courage is all the above and more,
Courage is what I want and seek,
Courage is you O Lord!... and I pray for your blessings from the core.

Is it so hard?

All that i want is one call from you,
saying that you missed me, and everything that we dreamt will come true..

All that I want is a new beginning,with the man I fell in love with,
Which you are hiding within you.

What is it that's keeping you away?
I know these words are in vain,
I did all I could, and now I am broken,
Is it so hard for you to come and unbreak me?
Is it so hard for you to be the one I loved?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Words.. that touched my soul..


These are the words which touched my soul and...

By the River Piedra i sat down and wept. The winter air chills the tears on my cheeks,and my tears fall into the cold waters that course past me. Somewhere, this river joins another river, then another, until-- far from my heart and sight-- all of them merge with the sea.
May my tears run just as far, that my love might never know that one day I cried for him.May my tears run just as far, that I might forget the River Piedra, the mists, and the paths we walked together.

I shall forget the roads, the mountains, and the fields of my dreams--the dreams that will never come true...

Unable to let it go..

A strange feeling inside..
Yeah.. Very strange. I don't want to believe in love,
Yet I find so much love inside me..
I loved you and I don't want to say how much coz you know..
And loving you made me love YOU more, made me love the world around me.
Now I have so much of love in me.. And I am unable to let it go..
I wanna find it's origin so that I can send it back there,
But I don't remember when, where and how it took birth,
Coz as far as I remember, I always loved you..
Since the day I was born!
This means that I will take this love to my grave..
Loving you is all I do,


YOUR LOVE which I don't have, is all I want.. all I crave!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I had a wish...

I had a wish to lie in your arms,
On a cold winter night, feeling your warmth.
I had a wish that you would protect me,
From the storms of life, and never let go.
I had a wish to spend my whole life with you,
I had a wish that my wish would come true,
No matter whether its dusk or early morning dew.

I had a wish to play scrabble with you, each Saturday,
With a bowl of pop corns, and no worries whatsoever.
I had a wish to have a home, a dwelling of love,
Where one was always welcome, where the word ‘No’ did not exist.
I had a wish to be around you all the time,
I had a wish that my wish would come true,
Whether the sky is cloudy or is blue.

I had a wish that you will hold me,
Each time while crossing the road.
I had a wish that you will cross all the boundaries,
To be just there when I missed you, to give a hug.
I had a wish that my presence was all that you wanted,
I had a wish that my wish would come true,
But I didn’t know that the days of you and me… were just few!

I had a wish that you will love me, love me day and night,
That I got up to find you next to me, and in the night I slept with your breath beside.
I had a wish that after every fight, the silence would kill us,
Would make us run to each other and embrace.
I had a wish that Thee blesses us with endless trust and faith,
That there was no dearth of care.
I had a wish that you would understand my silence,
I had a wish that you would just come give me a hug... and say I am there..
I had a wish that my wish would come true,
But I did not know that you will simply deny to start anew.

I had a wish to be the only one for you,
With whom you would share your world.
I had a wish to make all your dreams into real,
And stand beside you as your strength, your pillar.
I had a wish that you would be mine forever,
I had a wish that you will unbreak my heart..
I had a wish that my wish would come true,
But it never will, it never can, coz I have lost hope that you will come back.. this is not false.. this is so true!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My fantasy world… a fairytale! It never existed…

I so much want to believe in the Cinderella story, the snow- white story, the little mermaid, the Anastacia, the princess & the frog… In all those stories where the girl meets her prince charming at end… and they lived HAPPILY EVERAFTER!
Happy ending… huh!!

I always wondered how can an end be happy? How can one so much believe that the prince and the girl would live happily… forever? Why do people write such stories which make one believe that all will be perfect and take them far away from the realities of life, blindfold them that they cannot see the practical aspects.
It’s all bullshit! Believe me. There is nothing called a perfect life. Hurt, pain, compromises, sacrifices are just a few realities which one needs to understand. Nothing is perfect, you have to fight to make it one.

A perfect couple is the one who understands the true meaning of being in a relation. They should know how and when to draw a line and how and to what give a priority. One of my professor said, ‘Live life like a child. Laugh like a child. Remember, career is a part of life; it’s not LIFE.’ and this is so true!

Till last month, I lived in a world of my own. My world, where whatever I dreamt turned into reality, where whatever I wished was granted. At least I thought it was, at least I thought it could. But then, it broke. It broke me into zillion pieces. The pieces which I know I will never be able to collect. It broke my faith in love. It broke my faith in faith! It left me shattered and dejected. And made me realise how dependent I became on love. I did not know how to control my emotions. I begged, I cried, I pleaded… I did everything I could. But nope… nothing happened! Sometimes you unknowingly, unintentionally create an illusion around you and think it to be in real. The illusion makes you believe in anything and everything. And then suddenly one fall breaks it all; you lose whatever beliefs you had. You become helpless. You blame life. You blame Almighty. You blame your fate.

I don’t believe in love anymore. I don’t believe that there is something called love. At least not for me. I don’t believe in fairy tales. I definitely don’t believe in happy endings!!

There is no one out there who can turn my dreams into reality, but me! But the dreams I had of a perfect relation and love, well, they don’t exist anymore. They don’t have a space in my life.

I went out for a walk in the evening thinking about what I was writing. I was thinking and smiling and frowning… all at one time. Yeah! Strange!

I was lost in my thoughts when I suddenly saw an old couple walking ahead of me, in their track pants, looking smart and contented with life. The lady was talking (as usual.. no offence to the girls, but we are like this..and we love ourselves for this!) and the sir was eagerly and passionately listening to her. It made my frown vanish and I stopped thinking whatever I was and just kept walking behind them, reducing my pace. I loved it. The smile on Sir’s face and the excitement on lady’s made me go awe. It was so perfect. After all these years, one could clearly see the love between them. The eagerness and the passion. The soul of the relation was still so young. I felt beautiful.

And sad. Coz this is what I had always dreamt. A life where my partner always wanted to hear me out. A relation where the soul was ever young and the passion never ending. A relation which gave me contentment and a peaceful sleep in the arms of my beloved. Like a fairy tale… I always wanted to ‘live happily ever after’.
But it all ended.

I have now grown out of pain. I have come into terms with the reality. And am not even trying to collect those broken pieces. Love is not made for me. So now I don’t have a world of fantasies and illusion. They were never meant to exist. I thought I will make my own fantasy world but I don’t have any strength left. Life is this!
Now my world has just me!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A prayer

Till last night…
I had a poem in my mind, a poem of my wishes
Till last night I wanted to write, but morning found me in blues,
I got up to find clouds, no sun; I could not find the dew.

O Lord! Tell me… Why do you see us in pain?
Why do I feel my emotions are running down the drain?
Why can’t love win, is it too hard to run through this lane?

I am surrounded by loneliness, am surrounded by hatred,
He is no more mine, do you even care?
I used to walk with a blindfold, as he held my hand to guide,
And now I walk alone, with darkness in front of my eyes,
I can’t see the light, how long is the tunnel?
I am losing hope, I am sick of the lies!

They say, how you can make someone so important,
That his absence, his dearth, gives agony?
O Lord! How can you not see what it feels inside?
When you don’t know what time will decide!

Am tired, shattered, drained,
I need strength, I need no pain,
Thee, please come to rescue,
I surrender my soul to you,
I need peace, I need solace,
I need serenity, I need to feel back what you took away,
Please fill this hollowness again,
Please take far away the pretence,
Either make me numb, O lord!
Or make me strong like a rock,
Emotionless, no feel, a dead heap of dust!
Let the zephyr blow me away, from this world to you…
Let me see the sun again, make me see the dew!

To be honest I don’t wanna feel that love again,
I don’t want to have a life again, if all it gives is heartache,
I don’t want him to come back, if he will leave again,
I am feeling so helpless; I am feeling so low,
Maa, why can’t you undo the sorrows?
Please hold me once and say that things will be alright,
Lord, please hug me once and tell me you are there,
I don’t wanna break, I mean it,
If your plans are to continue, then this must come to an end,
Stop! This must go, this soreness, nothing is worthy of,
Break the promises, break the rules,
Lord! For once please tell me, you will erase all the blues.

I am losing my belief in love, is there something in it called divine..
But that’s your presence, O lord!
If you exist there, then why didn’t I find you in here?
Or are you there, silent and quite, not making a move,
The ‘Us’ has changed to you and me,
Your blessings have been divided,
We stood together once, Now I stand alone,
With an empty heart, an empty soul,
Lord, help me to overcome this,
Help me recover from this, and so strongly that no one can,
Ever try to come again, Fill this emptiness with the faith I have in you,
No, Not with emotions, Just faith in you, I don’t want the love, I don’t want the pain,
I just want to surrender my soul to you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A big thanks..

To be honest.. things are not good.. Yes.. they have been keeping me sad.. and unwell as well (:P).. I had been lying to myself for such a long time.. Had been asking Almighty why me..?? My friends got sick of me.. I got sick of myself.. really.. the blues were just not ready to leave me.. or maybe, I was too blind to see that it was me who was holding them back.. and not letting them go..

But I don't know from where came a friend.. an old school friend.. actually two.. one from my second standard.. the other from my eight standard.. whose words worked as a miracle and made me realise that I had lost myself.. For no reason..They don't know me that well.. But then they know what I was.. and now what I am.. and I now could see the difference..

Thanks friends.. I know if my fantasy world doesn't exist.. I'll make one..!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I hope it's not a goodbye!! :'(

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Bible says,

Love is patient and kind,
it is never jealous,
love is never boastful or conceited,
it is never rude or selfish,
it does not take offence,
nor is it resentful.
Love takes no pleasure in others’ sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.
Love does not come to an end. There are three things that last, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.

Am not broken, am not numb,
Am not tired, am not quiet,
Am too much in love, too much into you,
And am very much scared of not being with you.

Nothing can take you away from me,
You are here, within me,
The world is blind if it cannot see,
But who cares, I know you belong with me.

The truth is that its killing me, this life, this place,
It’s so barren, so pale, the air is so silent
It doesn’t touch me, it’s not passing through my hair
My heart is screaming, but my mind warns, ‘you dare!’

I promised to be strong, I promised to take care
I promised not to cry, at least make it rare,
But I didn’t promise to breathe, without you,
I didn’t promise to stop dreaming about you.

I remember your words, your promise that you’ll never leave
Your love is pure; it’s all what I have, all I believe,
It’s what I was born for,
It is what I am made for.

You are my umbilical to live,
You are the one I bow to,
Your love is my heartbeat,
Don’t let it stop; your love is what I need.

I don’t wanna be just a friend ,
No, it can’t, it cannot happen,
I want you, I want you to want me,
I want things to be back, I want you to be here,
I want you to hold my hand and say you’ll be there.

I want you to fall in love with me again,
I want to have you back in my life,
I want you to tell me, without me you can’t live!
I want you to say, you do love me.. you always did.

I still can’t believe that we stand on this turn,
The turn that life took all of a sudden,
I can’t believe that our grip was so weak,
We walk on the same road, not together, the nearness is bleak.. 

Time heals, but it erases as well,
You left, left me in tears,
Said that you’ll come, come back soon,
My wait has begun, my soul awaits from sun to moon.

I do not expect, I hope, all will be good,
But the fear deep inside kills, for the worst I am not prepared.
I hope the old times will be witnessed again,
With you I wanna live, live long and not die,
I hope all this is not real…

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had written this long back. Had posted this as well. But then deleted it. Then I realised that its all about feelings.A person has lots of ups and downs in his/her life. And he/she shouldn't be afraid of expressing the feelings they go through then. Coz though the life is long enough, we have very less time to express.:)

So here it goes...
Dated- 12 July,2010

Its gone..that feeling of curiosity, belongingness, togetherness, contentment is gone.. I have become so quiet all of a sudden. nothing feels bad. nothing feels good.. its so much better but its so much lonely. At least now I know what to expect from life. I can see myself alone.. but I guess I am comfortable like that now. I am much more like me when I am with me. I know what to expect from myself and what not to. At least if I expect from myself I am sure I will do anything to fulfill it.. Its much better than expecting from others and hurting yourself.. One really doesn't have the rights to simply ask other person to give him/her what he/she wants.. But i guess without it any relation will be empty and colourless.. well i am liking it this way now.. for the time being..
Coz i need to value my tears, I need to value myself now. I know what I go through and I know why I should be left alone..
I am not running away.. but I suddenly am not liking to talk or socialize. Its better that I stand alone at the edge of a cliff rather than having somebody by my side.. Coz There will be a constant fear that he/she may push me down!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hatred is Hatred… you can’t help it!
When I say I hate that person,
I simply hate him…Just don’t question.
I hate him and that can’t be changed
I want his thoughts to be out.. to be drained!

Don’t tell me to ‘not to like him’,
I am sorry, I tried but couldn’t.
He has hurt me to the core and that is a fact
You still deny it, believe me, that is his tact.

One day I hope I’ll be free from all these crap,
I’ll be far away in my own land,
Happy and contented that I had a clear mind,
Maybe then you’ll see what it was meant to be,
Maybe then he’ll be doomed, since you’ll be with me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dusk to Dawn

I prayed the whole day,
I prayed the whole night,
I prayed the whole night and day,
For days together, to seek strength,
To seek the depth of reality,
To come out of the predicament of confusion,
To find what it felt like
To find how it feels..

I heard the sound of beats,
I saw the ray, sparkle.. that twinkle
I saw the radiance,
I tried to take the cognizance of what I saw and heard..
Is it an illusion, a conjuring trick?
I am not imbecile, I am a child, O Lord,
Who seeks a rejoinder, who wishes to come out of this riddle
The riddle which made me pray.. which was invincible!!

Alas! I could decipher the sound and the see,
I realised what the Lord wanted me to be,
I found the answers to what I asked,
It was ethereal, the touch but it was still masked..

I got an offer which I couldn’t repudiate,
I knew I was close, close enough
The radiance, the twinkle,
The joy that sprinkled
I found you in my prayers,
The answers to all my years.

The offer was to grow in your love,
To touch, to feel, to be free,
The riddle was solved, the tears were gone,
I know lie in your arms from dusk to dawn.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

its not a good feeling..

Jealousy- one of the definition which dictionary describes is, feeling angry or unhappy because sb you like or love is showing interest in sb else!!
I used to mock at this definition. In fact has made fun of it so many times that this ‘J’ word always brought a smile on my face even at a thought of it. I took this feeling as a joke till the time I myself experienced it.
Damn!! It hurt. Well it felt as if I had just drank a bottle of acid and it burnt all inside. It’s like a fire in there. It’s sick. This result into water coming from eyes which we human call tears. The tears do soothe some of the burning sensation but does not help for a long time.
Drinking water also fails. You simply feel like locking up yourself inside a room, with your thoughts, and away from all the social life. You feel like killing that person you are jealous from even though he/she might have not done any harm to you personally.
And if you are in this state for quiet sometime, it brings out the worst in you, the devil in you. I never knew I could be so possessive about an individual outside my family but love shows you everything.
Its been around a month now that I realised how jealous I was. Have done a lot to cure it. But the bits still remain. The feelings are felt sometimes but they stay for a very short duration.
Its only the love of your partner that can cure it to 100%. If he is successful in reviving that trust in you, your ‘J’ will vanish in the thin air..
I hope my day is nearby.. when I feel free to mock at this feeling again!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I wanna sleep peacefully..

I did what I shouldn’t have,
I lost which was all I had
I never knew this would bring us apart
I thought I was the only one on the card

A year without your presence,
A year without your feel,
That fragrance of your perfume, that warmth of your hug
Will I ever get that back? Will it stop to bug?

I said am sorry, I cried, I shouted
It was unintentional; it was not what it was
I thought you knew me well, I thought we were one
I think what I thought was not worth, I failed... Fate won!

This feeling is killing me; it is the most terrible fear
I have lost my confidence; I have lost faith in love
Maybe you know this, Maybe you don’t
But I know that without you.. I won’t live, No, I won’t

I was no more the one for you... I was not the one who knew you
It felt like a somebody else, it felt like a morning grass without dew

I have agreed it’s my mistake, I totally have accepted,
But one thing which I don’t, Is the privacy that we have lost
I don’t accept to stay away from you; I don’t agree that your love is more
I don’t agree to the fact that you care, Coz all I agree is that your love is pure.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's everything..

The laughter which is always wanted to be heard,
The tickle which made others smile,
The mistakes which were always welcomed,
The belief that this innocence has no end.

The yawn that made them go awe..
The chuckle that was known to be a God’s wonder,
The door which was never closed till the time you held your senses,
The time was never less to mend your nuisances.

The place is your own, it’s where you belong,
A dwelling which is invaluable, which is why you exist!
A heart which grew younger with your beats,
A shelter which gave you your life,
A roof which made you touch the sky,
It’s not in Paris, It’s not in Rome,
It’s where your soul is, it’s your home..

Friday, April 30, 2010

Only if you are lucky..??

Well.. I guess ‘NO’ is the answer.

My college days were a mix of all sorts of events and happenings. First two years helped me to grow and become capable of taking decisions .In the next two years I saw myself turn into a different person. A person I was totally proud of.
It was during this time that I met amazing people who are the most integral part of my world today. I can’t imagine my life without them now. They are a drug to me. And I know that their presence will always be an addiction to me. Manuj, Prateek and Shiv Stuti, Shaveta and Navjot, Rishabh, Sharad and Dinesh, Siddharth, Ankita, Saaraj.. We all rocked together. It was legen.. wait for it.. dary!!

What else can one ask from Thee I have a second family. A family where I know I will be more than welcome than I expect. The bond we share is one amazing feel I have witnessed.

Back in my second year, I was a part of a gang of group called V-7. Me, Kitty, Meeni, RT, VD, Piki and Surbhi.. That was the memorable year of my hostel life. Besides the fights, arguments and ups-downs we had, the fun we shared was AWESOME!!.. Our juniors were again one of their own kinda group. Late night gossips, 5 movies in a row (during exam time), singing (actually shouting).. Irritating each other.. sitting in the balcony and eating junk.. Wow!!
I wish I could just relive those days again..

Its not easy to find such friends. I went through a rough patch before finding myself lucky enough to have such amazing friends. I never knew that I could be so much myself with them.

It wasn’t even a day without me and Shaveta going out for a geddi.. Our mothers were totally troubled by the fact..But nevertheless, they loved us.
It has nothing to do with luck. It has nothing to do with time. It’s just about finding the right people and reliability. It’s all about being there for each other and never leaving hands.

I might consider myself the luckiest person on this planet but then we all have given our best to maintain the bond which we share.. and it surely is getting stronger with every second that passes.

Love you guys..

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Summer Internship.. Fortune Cookie Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd, I am having my first ever experience of 'working in an office'. A small organisation, it has taught me that confidence is the best language understood by people in the corporate sector. If you have it.. baby you have a long way to go.. And if You don't, the competition will eat you up..
The people here are so friendly and co-operaive.. You can always have a vent for your ideas.. and no matter how weird the ideas ay sound to you (inside your head) they can actually be one amongst the best.. Working here has boosted up my confidence and I am seriously loving here..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a thought..

I thought I’ll never fall in love again,
I felt that I am safe from tears now,
I stopped dreaming of being a princess..
I avoided the thoughts of a lovable world,
The sphere was in a mess.

I very much believed that stories from the tales,
Were stories never promising to be true..
An illusion, a numbness, a fear of solitude..
It was all that I could see, all that I knew..

Anastacia, Pocahontas.. Some unbelievable romances..
Indescribable feelings, Enchanted and Dazzling skies..
These were out of my dictionary…
I was away from them.. away for miles..

And then you came.. You came and the air changed,
I felt what I was not supposed to feel,
I recovered from the wound which could not heal.

A new day, A new beginning
A new race for living,
Enthusiasm, fervour, zest and zeal
You knocked and were in
My heart welcomed, it was more than willing..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am not sad.. Am just a little philosophical..

Whenever one posts a new status on facebook, or talks sense.. people think he/she has lost his/her mind and is sad and I don't know what not.. I myself have witnessed this..
What I don't understand is what make them think that the other person is sad or stuff.. Can't they see the other side.. Being philosophical doesn't mean that the person has lost the charm or is not smiling.. Maybe he/ she learnt something good and wanted to share..Maybe they see a better world in those words.. Maybe its just a moral that is so much better than praising onself..
There is something that we all learn everyday.. There is something that we all should acknowledge everyday.. THere is so much to think about.. There is so much to see around.. There are so many truths we are not aware of.. There are so many lies we are surrounded by.. By saying all this I am not potraying my sadness.. Am being just me.. just me..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our pathetic education system !

Why haven't people learnt from 3 IDIOTS??? It wasn't simply a story of three friends.. It was much more (besides the whole controversy of it being copied from FIVE POINT SOMEONE.. to which i partly agree!). Amir Khan now and again emphasised on the fact that cramming will lead to no good.. Its the basic understanding and application which will be fruitful and also be used in the future (of one's career).. But NO.. People will simply see the movie, talk about it for a week and forget it..

Why don't we realise that we all our becoming 'chatur' in this race.. We all just fighting for the marks and none of us know the practical usage of what we learn.. Why do we have to 'rattafy' to score?? Why are the question papers theory based? Why do teachers expect us to write whatever they have taught us in verbatim? Why can't question papers be application based?? Why doesn't the Indian education system make us use our brains for constructive learning?

I alone cannot change it.. I alone cannot bring the revolution.. It's 'we' who have to work against it and fight for the change..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bitter and Sweet!


Lati, Guddu, Shaveta, Navi, Dino, Sharad, Rishabh, Bhushu, Divya, Sixsome… (the list goes on)
Ankita, Saaraj, Golu, Abhi…
I love you all.. and miss you guys!!
You guys have changed the definition of my world! The following post is about my experience after graduation…

Breaking News!! Friends do not exist! The word ‘friend’ vanishes from the dictionary as soon as you step out of your graduation. There is no one who can actually understand you, or even make an attempt to know you. One misunderstanding and you don’t even get an opportunity to justify..

But why justify??Why? Friends don’t need any justification. Coz there is a good amount of trust between them. Oh! But then the trust is between friends, not between any two normal individuals!

It’s so weird that the person with whom you spent few of your lovely memories, suddenly ask you so many questions which you never imagined they would ask. To them their other companions become more important and they shun you out. They think they are mature enough to understand the reality, but to be honest they are not!

Life is the most prestigious university, and experience is its greatest teacher. Thank you so much sweetz for making me learn another important truth. Hope you have a great life ahead.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well... Mmm.. So i have started to blog again!! Its been ages that i wrote; my diary has collected all the dust in the world, my mind has forgotten all the Hi-Fi english words, and my heart has become stronger... ????? We will talk about this later (the heart's case!!)

First year of MBA is about to get over.. and it seems like yesterday that we had joined SIMS and were feeling proud to be a simsite! I still remember the day (12 June, 2009) when i got up early in the morning (staying at DRDO mess) and was excited for my new journey. My father was with me. After I got ready (wearing a Saree), I was all set to join the 9-11 batch and he came to drop me to SIMS. I was a bit scared, a bit nervous and a bit confused. And i seriously don't know why!? I was nervous as I knew i was one step away from my dreams... and the the destination though was near, yet was far!!

Papa, my best friend.. No.. actually my bestest friend, understood what was going in my mind.. He gave me a tight hug and said,' We are proud of you sweetheart!'

And i knew that I am ready to rock and roll!!