Monday, November 15, 2010

Beauty in imperfections...

Ever wondered how much beautiful everything is?
The sky, the sea; the you, the me,
The smile, the pain, the love, the fame,
The feel, the soul, the touch that heals.

The first walk of a child, his first scribble on a paper;
The first song he sings, the first poem he recites;
The first dish that your girl cooks when you know its not what it should have been,
The first hand made card from a person who never drew before,
The love that is left unsaid but is found deep in the core.

The times when he spills food every time he eats,
The moment when after warning you still do it all wrong,
The first cup of coffee, the second and the third,
The untidy hair, and the look so innocent,
The words said made me feel what they meant.

We grow up with lots of learnings, we grow up to learn more,
We grow up with experiences and grow up for more,
We grow up wanting to be perfect like no one else,
Like the one we think we want us to be, the one who knows how and when to lock the doors.

We do grow up, growing up each day, to learn more, to experience life,
We grow up, you grow up and I grow up too,
I am growing up to be the one I want to be, the perfect me,
But then I make mistakes, sometimes; am a human, with some imperfections,
Imperfections which you may find dumb,
But then I see beauty in some, not mine,
So maybe one day I'll be loved,
For the beauty you find in my imperfections.

Love you Papa and Mommy for loving me the way I am.


  1. Dear love u so much. Carry on with positive frame of mind and right attitude. mama & papa.

  2. So Touching!!!.May god make u the Happiest person on the Earth!!

  3. amazing...i loved it..there is beauty in evrything we see..we just have to see it in a different way..:)..


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