Saturday, March 12, 2011

Somedays are just not normal..

Dear Today,

When I got up in the morning I made plans for the rest of you. I had decided it's gonna be different. It's gonna be special. I stretched my arms out and welcomed the Sun with new desires and dreams.. I thought I will make a difference. I wanted to. I get up everyday with a smile since I know it spreads a positive vibe all around. I smile to make others smile.. which makes me smile harder. It's infectious!

But what had happened to you today, Today? Why did you not stay with me and abandoned me and left me alone. Why did you take me to Yesterday when you know that I don't like him? And the worse.. you just walked off leaving me so lost. And your friend, Tomorrow, saw me crying but still couldn't come to rescue me. Why did you not tell him to come and show me the beautiful things which I need to look forward to?

Do you know Yesterday tormented me today. He tortured me. He hurt me. I ran. I ran and ran and fell.

And then I decided that I can't run away from him. So I gathered all the strength and pushed him hard. I took a stone and threw at him. And then suddenly, I pulled out my pocket knife and killed him...

Yeah Today.. I killed him. Coz I could not take it anymore. He had to die.

and it was then that your friend Tomorrow came to help me to bury its corpse.

But I let him do so..

Anyways, just wanted to let you know.. that I missed you Today.. Please meet me tomorrow..:)




  1. Even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunsets... but now you will be able to enjoy the beauty of every morning. God bless.

  2. does it really kill yesterday ?? tell me

  3. @Anonymous 1.. Thanks..but u really dnt have to be anonymous with me.. anyways..I do respect it though..

    @Anonymous 2.. yes.. it does.. for the better tomorrow, it needs to be buried. (again.. u really dnt need to be anonymous.)

  4. Sometimes you just need to be Anonymous....
    Live life the way it comes to you... every today will be very beautiful, you just need to have a perspective... Love your today and the tommorow will love you..

  5. you make me smile :)

  6. hehe.. why are you anonymous hex?

  7. :D
    i was too lazy too log in.had came to see recent developments of my friends(you too) on the blog :)

  8. beautifully put.. wht makes up that which u have shud keep what was yestrday..alive, as a constant reminder of..wt today has to be..
    sometimes even the most painful experiences turn out to be valuable remember what yesterday has taught you and live today the way you want to..and if you feel dejected..ever..know that no matter what..a tommorow is always there at your resce..

  9. Beautiful metaphor! Killing the past only leads to a beautiful tomorrow. Moving on is the key! Glad I read this!

  10. Thanks MangoMan.. :)

    And hex.. I am glad u came bk..

  11. I Love you Mango Man!!!

    only yours
    BananaDick!!!! :)


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