Saturday, July 9, 2016

Note 6:

Sitting by herself, lost in her thoughts, eyes closed.. The air around her was still and quiet.

Looking at her through the window, he was about to open the door to go towards her when he heard a voice, 'Don't touch her. She is broken.', her roommate said.

He replied, 'Am not going to touch her, am going to hug her.'

Monday, July 4, 2016

Note 5:

Sometimes someone hurts you so bad that it stops hurting at all.
The pain becomes as easy to bear as breathing. You don't even feel it but it's happening. You're fighting without realizing.
Everything seems normal. Nothing touches you. Neither the rains, nor the coffee or the music.
But it feels right. You feel you are home. Because that's what your inner home is used to be.

No thoughts.

And then you feel it. You hear yourself breathing.. again!