Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dust and Lollipops!!

Amongst the dust that I play,
My mother so not aware,
I know I will grow up soon,
Carefree in my world, the one that I care..
But won’t it be fun, to lick a lollipop even then?
Will I earn one?
I fear of it being snatched..
I love this feeling, I hope it doesn’t detach..
Mommy will you be there, to keep me close ..?!
To love me more..
To get me another, or not..
Just stay in my sight,
Forever and for always..
I am yours, your little doll,
Please stay around, Hold me when I fall,
I will be a pretty girl soon,
Strong enough, won’t it be a boon..
Then we will go and buy lots of candies,
Both of us.. will eat in plenty..
Oh! Mother, I love you so
Our hand in hand, that’s my vow
Fairs and rides, life will be the best..
This phase will pass.. its just a test.

Photography by Amit Maindola.


  1. Very touchy sneh. Love the way you concluded spreading hope for tomorrow.

  2. Simplicity + affection in your words. Beautiful

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  4. simple but intresting..beautiful writing sneh


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