Thursday, May 3, 2012

Right from my heart..

Today, I sit.. on purpose.. wondering.. trying to figure out which dots are connecting to make a line.. and which to an exclamation. Dont you sometimes want to go back to that very moment which left an impact on you.. stand at that moment.. see yourself there.. get those feelings back.. feel those emotions again.. or simply look deep inside of you as to what was I thinking.. why.. how?? They say, there are either good souls or bad souls which come from the spirit world to the school called 'earth' to either turn into better souls or help their near- dear ones to become one. And it is upto you to improve. It is your inner strength and will power which can take you higher in the 7 realms. Your true self, your sub-consciousness which protects you from getting wrongly influenced. Aren't there a few people in your life, you find solace with. Few people you just stay connected with. Few people with whom you never ever have had a fight or argument. Few people who bring calmness into your life. Few people whose voice is the most serene sound. Few people who you know will never judge you. Few people who so much want to be with you and so do you.. and they just can't find the reason why. This is where the dots connect. Coz its just meant to be. Knowingly, unknowingly.. the turn of events bring you close. And then there are others with whom you give in your best of efforts to make things work. For the former, the dots connect to a resistance free, smooth line.. a straight line.. no curves.. no bends.. no angles at all.. and the line may continue in space. And with latter, its an exclamation! Connecting at the beginning and then just a dot which means the other one is no longer there. He/she has left in search of the line in space. There are a few people in my life who can comfort me by just crossing my mind. There is a constant power of understanding. A constant power of respect and affection. A constant power of holding on to. Who are just so ready to not make me realise.. but I just do.. It's like WOW!! It's like an effortless flow.. as if the line knows where it will be more than a line.. it knows where it is not even an iota near to the meaning of boundary.. where it does not define the end.. but shows the essence of continuity.