Saturday, October 2, 2010

A prayer

Till last night…
I had a poem in my mind, a poem of my wishes
Till last night I wanted to write, but morning found me in blues,
I got up to find clouds, no sun; I could not find the dew.

O Lord! Tell me… Why do you see us in pain?
Why do I feel my emotions are running down the drain?
Why can’t love win, is it too hard to run through this lane?

I am surrounded by loneliness, am surrounded by hatred,
He is no more mine, do you even care?
I used to walk with a blindfold, as he held my hand to guide,
And now I walk alone, with darkness in front of my eyes,
I can’t see the light, how long is the tunnel?
I am losing hope, I am sick of the lies!

They say, how you can make someone so important,
That his absence, his dearth, gives agony?
O Lord! How can you not see what it feels inside?
When you don’t know what time will decide!

Am tired, shattered, drained,
I need strength, I need no pain,
Thee, please come to rescue,
I surrender my soul to you,
I need peace, I need solace,
I need serenity, I need to feel back what you took away,
Please fill this hollowness again,
Please take far away the pretence,
Either make me numb, O lord!
Or make me strong like a rock,
Emotionless, no feel, a dead heap of dust!
Let the zephyr blow me away, from this world to you…
Let me see the sun again, make me see the dew!

To be honest I don’t wanna feel that love again,
I don’t want to have a life again, if all it gives is heartache,
I don’t want him to come back, if he will leave again,
I am feeling so helpless; I am feeling so low,
Maa, why can’t you undo the sorrows?
Please hold me once and say that things will be alright,
Lord, please hug me once and tell me you are there,
I don’t wanna break, I mean it,
If your plans are to continue, then this must come to an end,
Stop! This must go, this soreness, nothing is worthy of,
Break the promises, break the rules,
Lord! For once please tell me, you will erase all the blues.

I am losing my belief in love, is there something in it called divine..
But that’s your presence, O lord!
If you exist there, then why didn’t I find you in here?
Or are you there, silent and quite, not making a move,
The ‘Us’ has changed to you and me,
Your blessings have been divided,
We stood together once, Now I stand alone,
With an empty heart, an empty soul,
Lord, help me to overcome this,
Help me recover from this, and so strongly that no one can,
Ever try to come again, Fill this emptiness with the faith I have in you,
No, Not with emotions, Just faith in you, I don’t want the love, I don’t want the pain,
I just want to surrender my soul to you.


  1. till night even I am tired and finally I retire with all the blues that I have in my life but with morning I start afresh and want to end with a night of solace

  2. Dear Sneh,

    We in this large world are born alone and shall remain responsible for our good or bad deeds. Ultimately, in the end its alone that we say bye to this world. This is the eternal truth. Still all of us feel lonely sometimes or the other in the path of this journey - life. Most of us are at lower level of thinking and socially bonded with each other thinly or strongly. This bondage is of little or no importace in the long journey. Lack of or dimishing love, attention, care, sympathy etc gives us sorrow and pain. HE KNOW WELL WHAT IS BETTER FOR EACH OF HIS CHILD. All things do not always happen the way we want them to happen. HIS DESIRE IS SUPREME. HE will test us time and again. And we must come out stronger each time.

    For some time now I realise that my beta is shikaar of pessimism. You are at pain as some one who might be close to you in the past may not be so now. This happens time and again in our lives - in family, friends, social circles. Most of people are selfish are motivated with immediate physical gain. Never worry, loss is there's. Its they who are loosing a good and caring friend. This aspect, if true, is causing you to pour ur heart out in poetry. Its otherwise good but I never want u to have negative state of mind at all. WE CAN NEVER BE ALONE WHEN MAA / HE IS OUR COMPANION IN LIFE. Hence be cheerful and live life to the fullest. God bless. Love u so much.


  3. Papa.. I have nothing to say.. I wish I could. Love you so so much. Miss you a lot...

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  5. May u get my share of happiness too...Amen!!...Happy Birthday Dear!!...

  6. Thanks for your wishes Pranav.. God bless you..

  7. Captured beautifully the pain that everyone has gone through at some or the other time in life!

    Take care and hang in there!! This too shall pass.


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