Friday, October 22, 2010

Is it so hard?

All that i want is one call from you,
saying that you missed me, and everything that we dreamt will come true..

All that I want is a new beginning,with the man I fell in love with,
Which you are hiding within you.

What is it that's keeping you away?
I know these words are in vain,
I did all I could, and now I am broken,
Is it so hard for you to come and unbreak me?
Is it so hard for you to be the one I loved?


  1. laut ke aana hota usse doobara to kabhi muh na modta,
    tere aansoon ke sath tujhe tanha na chodta

  2. Sustained pessimism in life is bound to have negative effect on future. Our lives are sanctioned by HIM, lets try and use them for our and universal benefit. Have a big heart. Individuals in this world really do not matter but their work and creations do matter. Be happy, focus on life ahead and be cheerful


  3. Wonderful comment by ur daddo (i suppose). He said it all.


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