Friday, October 22, 2010


Courage is what it takes to be the one you are,
Courage is what it takes to accept defeat.
Courage is when you are with the person you love the most,
No matter what circumstances are, no matter what it costs.

Courage is to accept that you could be wrong,
Courage is to believe that God exists,
Even when you’re in the toughest of times, losing hope;
Courage is to say that you are sorry,
When you know it might not be alright,
Courage is to hold hands and say, I will always be there,
When you know there is not much time left,
Courage is to let things go and start anew,
No matter how hard it is, but you know there are promises to be kept.

Courage is to always love your love,
During fights, miserable times, and tears,
Courage is to never lose yourself, and be strong,
Courage is to smile, and sacrifice for your love,
Courage is to not have ego, when situations will try to make you rough,
Courage is to hug the one who has hurt you the most, when in pain
Courage is to keep trying even when you know, the trials are in vain.

Courage is to love someone and be always there,
Courage is not to make promises, but to keep them,
Courage is to not let go when it is the easiest,
Courage is all the above and more,
Courage is what I want and seek,
Courage is you O Lord!... and I pray for your blessings from the core.


  1. are simply awesome...i like your style of poetry chek my blog too...i write too...neys im glad to find ur blog..:)

  2. I like these words...every single word

  3. @Andrew.. thanks.. I did visit your blog.
    @Beyond few words.. yup.. me too:)

  4. yeah i did see your comment sneh!..thnx..oh and you can call me hex..:)


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