Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am not sad.. Am just a little philosophical..

Whenever one posts a new status on facebook, or talks sense.. people think he/she has lost his/her mind and is sad and I don't know what not.. I myself have witnessed this..
What I don't understand is what make them think that the other person is sad or stuff.. Can't they see the other side.. Being philosophical doesn't mean that the person has lost the charm or is not smiling.. Maybe he/ she learnt something good and wanted to share..Maybe they see a better world in those words.. Maybe its just a moral that is so much better than praising onself..
There is something that we all learn everyday.. There is something that we all should acknowledge everyday.. THere is so much to think about.. There is so much to see around.. There are so many truths we are not aware of.. There are so many lies we are surrounded by.. By saying all this I am not potraying my sadness.. Am being just me.. just me..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our pathetic education system !

Why haven't people learnt from 3 IDIOTS??? It wasn't simply a story of three friends.. It was much more (besides the whole controversy of it being copied from FIVE POINT SOMEONE.. to which i partly agree!). Amir Khan now and again emphasised on the fact that cramming will lead to no good.. Its the basic understanding and application which will be fruitful and also be used in the future (of one's career).. But NO.. People will simply see the movie, talk about it for a week and forget it..

Why don't we realise that we all our becoming 'chatur' in this race.. We all just fighting for the marks and none of us know the practical usage of what we learn.. Why do we have to 'rattafy' to score?? Why are the question papers theory based? Why do teachers expect us to write whatever they have taught us in verbatim? Why can't question papers be application based?? Why doesn't the Indian education system make us use our brains for constructive learning?

I alone cannot change it.. I alone cannot bring the revolution.. It's 'we' who have to work against it and fight for the change..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bitter and Sweet!


Lati, Guddu, Shaveta, Navi, Dino, Sharad, Rishabh, Bhushu, Divya, Sixsome… (the list goes on)
Ankita, Saaraj, Golu, Abhi…
I love you all.. and miss you guys!!
You guys have changed the definition of my world! The following post is about my experience after graduation…

Breaking News!! Friends do not exist! The word ‘friend’ vanishes from the dictionary as soon as you step out of your graduation. There is no one who can actually understand you, or even make an attempt to know you. One misunderstanding and you don’t even get an opportunity to justify..

But why justify??Why? Friends don’t need any justification. Coz there is a good amount of trust between them. Oh! But then the trust is between friends, not between any two normal individuals!

It’s so weird that the person with whom you spent few of your lovely memories, suddenly ask you so many questions which you never imagined they would ask. To them their other companions become more important and they shun you out. They think they are mature enough to understand the reality, but to be honest they are not!

Life is the most prestigious university, and experience is its greatest teacher. Thank you so much sweetz for making me learn another important truth. Hope you have a great life ahead.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well... Mmm.. So i have started to blog again!! Its been ages that i wrote; my diary has collected all the dust in the world, my mind has forgotten all the Hi-Fi english words, and my heart has become stronger... ????? We will talk about this later (the heart's case!!)

First year of MBA is about to get over.. and it seems like yesterday that we had joined SIMS and were feeling proud to be a simsite! I still remember the day (12 June, 2009) when i got up early in the morning (staying at DRDO mess) and was excited for my new journey. My father was with me. After I got ready (wearing a Saree), I was all set to join the 9-11 batch and he came to drop me to SIMS. I was a bit scared, a bit nervous and a bit confused. And i seriously don't know why!? I was nervous as I knew i was one step away from my dreams... and the the destination though was near, yet was far!!

Papa, my best friend.. No.. actually my bestest friend, understood what was going in my mind.. He gave me a tight hug and said,' We are proud of you sweetheart!'

And i knew that I am ready to rock and roll!!