Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Conversation with Still No One!

When I asked him, he said,' I think, the absence of it.'

And then he sent me,

A part of me wished these lines were for me, but whom was I kidding? So I replied back,' Wow.. Some lines, Some girl and some craziness!' He never replied back.

She looked inside her heart,
Sitting on her thoughts, sipping on her dreams.. She realised who you are.
She realised you aren't that far.

Inside of you is a mystery,
There's a soul inside your story,
You are a book without the end, a road with a soft bend.
You are the splendour of that October Sky;
You are the auroral light of the winter.. the touch to the scared and tender.

He liked it.. The above lines. 'Some lines you've got there, poet.' 'From someone to you.',I said. 'That someone is a darling.' I smiled but I did not want him to make me feel this way. 'Am sure she would be.' I replied.

'I really want to meet your girl, without you around. Am sure she would be a poem herself. And then would know how in rhythm you would be when with her..'

'Haha.. That may take a lifetime.' He laughed.

'It won't. It won't. Take my word. I so wanna know her to imagine you going weak on your knees. I so wanna see her fiddle with her hair and the way her eyes sparkle when I mention your name. I so wanna see her go coy when I tell her how lucky you are to have her and she correcting me that it's she who is.
'I wanna know your lovestory.. I want to write it. I want to know that craving. That yearning. That madness. Everything. Every emotion I say that you don't have... I wanna feel them when I meet her.'

He interrupted my thoughts,'The confidence that you show in me about having a lovestory.' I could sense the quizzical charm in his tone but I had already reached a world he had not seen inside of me.

'I really want that craziness..the feel of pride in your eyes. Oh man! I want her to prove me wrong.'

'I so wanna feel that excruciating pain of rejection, and the sense of respect that I was right about the kind of girl you would meet.'
'I wanna cry my eyes out when I write your story, and then reach out to you through my book.I want you to read it out all loud to her in a room full of candles.'
'I want your lovestory to hurt me so bad, that I fall in love with the pain of losing every bit of me. Oh! I want her to be everything that I have imagined, and everything you haven't..
I want her to be your favorite wine,
I want her to be your favorite fragrance,
I want her to be your favorite song,
I want her to be your secret serene place,
I want her to be your adventure,
I want her to be your inner peace,
I want her to be those butterflies in your stomach,
I want her to be your confidence in your nervousness..
I want her to be your everything that your never thought of.

... And then I want her to be my last novel. Which took every bit of me to write.'

'Sneh. What's wrong?'

'Nothing.' I replied.