Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's all about Perspective!

You can either love the rains in India, or worry about the traffic jams while returning back home that the rains must have caused (Delhi roads!). You can either embrace the lines on your face and smile on the experiences you have had or crib that you are getting old.

There is so much pain, inside us.. for what we have been through. Some harsh words said which keep rubbing their sharp edges across your memories, some unfulfilled expectations from your loved ones which may have broken your heart. We are living in the age where girls are capable of paying their own rents and bills. They are intellectual and witty. They are smart and intelligent. Hence what does a woman of today want from her man? I read an article somewhere sometime back which had a thought provoking angle to my question. The article threw back a question to the universe asking the man- what can he bring on the table? She wants him to be a notch better. She wants him to be intellectual so that she can have mentally stimulating conversations, she wants him to understand the meaning of integrity and loyalty, she wants him to be able to guide her, she wants him to be strong enough to give her comforting hugs and give her a world she can feel proud to be a part of. Yeah.. it's too much to ask for. But then, she deserves it too. She has no qualms in being submissive, but he has to be worthy of it. Her kids should be proud to have him as the head of the family.

Whatever I wrote above can be judged and misunderstood. Again, I ask.. why do you wanna judge? Isn't their enough of other emotions that you fight every day that you wish to add another one? Yes we humans tend to face and feel a lot of feelings due to the circumstances we face. Over a period of time, if we look back we know we are not the same person that we were years back. You are a different person. Same name, same face but different. Those wrinkles tell a beautiful story. Your story. The best seller. Be proud of that. And be kind. Yes.. be kind.

I couldn't resist noticing how much unkind we have become to each other. Forget BEING kind, the usage of the word itself is a mockery. It has completely lost it's meaning. Everybody goes through shit. There is nothing that your mind, courage and time can't heal. No matter how much you try you can never be somebody else's shoes. Never. You will never be able to experience the pain they might have felt or the love they might need or what miracle a hug can do them. Learn to understand human emotions. Learn to embrace pain and then heal it. Learn to love. Learn to be kind.

Yes there are people and things you do not wish to have in your life. Then don't. Don't let your mind push you to do somethings against your heart. That's where you destroy yourself. That's where you hurt yourself. That's where you kill yourself.

Don't hurt anyone unncessarily but if accepting the fact that things may be better after taking the step helps you to breathe easily.

Try looking at a more colourful picture. Try loving yourself again. Try living.

Because in the end, it's your take.. your perspective that can make you respect yourself back.

It's all about perspective.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Note 2:

He quietly envisages the next step.. The next preferred moment.
He hides his benevolent acts in his crackpot gestures.
He wants things to turn lighter, the moment he realises she might say something heavy.
He tries to hold her tight and also tries not to hold her long enough.

Note 1:

Even after so many years of different experiences, nothing brings me more peace than a cup of coffee, an awesome piece of lemon cake, a beautiful novel, a handmade paper diary and an ink pen!