Monday, February 29, 2016

Good part of 'Sh*t Happening'

Shit Happens! Ha.. It happens more than often. And more often more than shit.

A friend was visiting and we went out for a quick bite where she happened to mention her new love interest. She had just undergone a breakup two months back and I won't deny that it surprised me that she moved on so quickly. Hence I made sure that it wasn't a rebound. And it didn't look like one. I saw her happy, feeling cute about it which was definitely missing in her in her past relationship.

From what she told me the guy seemed sorted and mature. They both had been friends for quite sometime and hence were already in a comfort zone. I don't want to discuss anything about her life here but there is a part of our conversation which hit me.

Her last guy had kept her expectations real low. In her two years of relationship, he had never even uttered the words 'I like you' but would only say that either you know it or you don't. I don't have to express it. She was there for him no matter what. And he didn't even remember her birthday. That's okay, right? Guys today aren't that available. Well.. it's a bullshit.

This guy, this new guy happened to tell her just a few days back that he likes her. Yeah.. 'Likes'. Please note am talking about two individuals in their late twenties.

She blushed. And said this feels cute. And his response,' I know that you know this already and I don't have to be explicit about it. But the thing is I know it will make you smile and extend a good feeling and I would be glad to be the reason behind it'.

It might sound silly but it did touch me. I totally believe in old school love. In forever and for always. In togetherness for eternity.

She did tell me that if someone loves you, he would never mistreat you. When they say they got busy with work and therefore couldn't be there, that should be your first flag. And to all the people out there, please get this in your head. No matter how busy a person is, if you do mean something to them, they will always be there, no matter what. They will know how to balance their priorities. You would be the top most. And if your are lucky enough to find someone like that, don't let go.

I urge the generation of today to take out time for the people you care about. You can keep making gold till you die, but the people who find you perfect even after knowing your flaws are the people you need to take utmost care of. They know you inside out and still hang around. Those are the ones you should always keep as close as possible. Do not take them from granted. Do not misuse their niceness. Because every individual has a threshold. You don't know how your attitude might hurt them and change them internally.

Try understanding a person. And try expressing. It won't hurt. It will only bring you closer.

Yes. Shit Happens. But there are stories like hers that show us that there is always a better day ahead.

P.S.- Waiting for my story to unfold.