Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yes.. I am irritating!!

They say, you irritate us,
I reply, don’t create a fuss.
NO use of your literacy
You are low in your efficacy.
You learnt the definition of energy when in second
You grasped the meaning two years later,
You heard the word in seminars
Where they talked about it for hours
You don’t know how to plan
You could but you ran
It is expedient to use your brains now
Conducive to the know-how,
Switch off the fans and the lights
Stop throwing garbage at your sight.
Grow up, stand up for what is right
Plan and save, energy in all forms
Water, heat or be it rays
Understand and don’t be shy to say
A drop of water is important,
A minute of heat is warmth
Your city, the roads, the parks are not dustbins
Stop the blame games, take a peek inside of you
Change to improve
Improve is for good
Your chin up does not make you a dude
It’s the right amount of brains and right attitude that does
Learn to appreciate the world around
Be calm, stay peaceful, silence has sound..
Be educated, not just literate
And If you say I irritate
I am glad that I do
Because if this is what it takes to induce understanding
I agree.. Yes.. I am irritating.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why do you hold yourself back??

Heard 'Come back when you can' by Barcelona???

Everytime I hear it,it makes me realize the power of true love.

Come back when you can
Let go, you'll understand
You have done nothing at all
To make me love you less
So come back when you can

I know one thing.. Just one thing.. My parents and my sis have never been upset on my mistakes for a long time. At the end of the day, they forgive me.. and move on.. to commit another one.. :P.. but that is how life goes.. isn't it???

What is the difference between a blood relation and not a blood relation??? Well, to me it is exactly what I have written above. They love you honestly. They teach good things and forgive you for your mistakes. They are always ready to give you a chance.. and trust me the number of chances are infinite!! They will always be worried about you. They care for you. Their love never fails. That's it..

And I strongly feel that if two individuals share such a bond, it's a relation as pious as divine and a bliss.

Mistakes happen, fights occur,
you shout, he shouts
you cry, she cries
you have second thoughts, he has the same,
but with those thoughts, you are scared.. Coz you know your life will be meaningless without him/her/them!!!

Learn to let go..

Life is too short to live in regrets.

Compliment her day and night.
Tell him that you love him immensely.
Make her feel special by your care.
Take good care of his likes.
Pamper her.
Watch soccer, watch movies..of 'both' choices..
hold hands..
Hug often..
Kiss a lot..
Walk together..

Coz it's very important to express love..

Let's not take our loved ones for granted. They are special. And they are ours..

We love them.. and they deserve all the love as we do..

So EXPRESS.. and bring a smile.. nope.. not just a smile.. but brings joyful tears in their lives..

After all, We all need love!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things that bother me..(Part 2)

Yup... its been a long time since I wrote..six months.. that is really loooong!!.. But then things changed in my life.. I got my first job.. first corporate experience.. First wonderful time with NEW friends.. so it kept me busy. Apologies to all my readers for the wait..

I did receive many mails with concern. Thank you all for appreciating my work with so much love.

My latest status update on facebook says, ' I hope with the events happening in the country we all have decided to bring about the change.. let's prove that we have the fire and the passion.. let's stand together against corruption!!!'.. supporting Anna Hazaare. This was something which I wanted to write in my Part 2.. but I won't.. Coz I AM SURE EACH ONE OF HAS REALISED THAT TOGETHER WE CAN BRING ABOUT THE DESIRED, WANTED CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN DREAMING FOR SO LONG.

I will not say 'Please support Anna'.. Coz if we feel it deep inside that we have the power, we can do anything. Anna has made us realise it. So lets support our inner selves, our conscience and fight for what is wrong..

We have kept quiet for a long time now. ENOUGH!!

Stand up.. And respect our nation!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things that bother me..(Part 1)

There have been many things that have been bothering me since a long time. I have so many times thought of writing about them but I don't know why I didn't. Today these things have caught hold of my inner self so much so that I simply knew I had to pen it down.

Since childhood, I had a weird good habit. I just couldn't throw even a piece of paper anywhere but in a trash can. This habit had actually made my schoolbag a dustbin, since I would not allow my friends to do the same and would end up collecting the trash in my bag which I never minded at all. A few times my Mommy had doubts that I was eating so much of junk at school but soon she understood what was happening. I just couldn't understand how did their 'conscience' allow them to do so. What was the use of us going to a school. My small mind had lots of questions and confusions which were always unanswered. I just could not get the fact that if they threw stuff in the 'dustbins' at their respective homes, why was it so difficult for them to do the same at school where we had big 'penguins' and 'kangaroos'.

As I grew up, I made sure that my friends had the habit of finding appropriate bins to throw stuff for which I had received appreciation and 'offo!!' comments.. lol..

No, but seriously.. Why is it so hard for us to follow this simple practice? Why is that a piece of waste is immediately thrown out of our car's windows or from the buses. Just because throwing litter all around is not banned by the Indian government, we think we do not have any responsibilities towards it. It takes two seconds for us to complain about the garbage lying all around the road. But how many of us have actually contributed towards it? It's very easy to 'like' the 'lifebuoy ads' and such stuff, but what after that?

We are Uneducated literate.. trust me. And it bugs me now and again. I remember an instance when I was in the car with my friends and they had stopped through a bottle on the roadside corner. I very softly said.."India is not a dustbin!".. he immediately reversed the car, picked up the bottle and threw it at a petrol pump where he found the bin..

I felt soooooooo very happy and knew that no matter what happens, I am sure he will never forget this himself too. And will surely follow the 'BIN' practice.

Guys, please understand that it's only us who can make a difference. Let your conscience realise that you do have a SENSE of concern and are EDUCATED.. not just literate.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Somedays are just not normal..

Dear Today,

When I got up in the morning I made plans for the rest of you. I had decided it's gonna be different. It's gonna be special. I stretched my arms out and welcomed the Sun with new desires and dreams.. I thought I will make a difference. I wanted to. I get up everyday with a smile since I know it spreads a positive vibe all around. I smile to make others smile.. which makes me smile harder. It's infectious!

But what had happened to you today, Today? Why did you not stay with me and abandoned me and left me alone. Why did you take me to Yesterday when you know that I don't like him? And the worse.. you just walked off leaving me so lost. And your friend, Tomorrow, saw me crying but still couldn't come to rescue me. Why did you not tell him to come and show me the beautiful things which I need to look forward to?

Do you know Yesterday tormented me today. He tortured me. He hurt me. I ran. I ran and ran and fell.

And then I decided that I can't run away from him. So I gathered all the strength and pushed him hard. I took a stone and threw at him. And then suddenly, I pulled out my pocket knife and killed him...

Yeah Today.. I killed him. Coz I could not take it anymore. He had to die.

and it was then that your friend Tomorrow came to help me to bury its corpse.

But I let him do so..

Anyways, just wanted to let you know.. that I missed you Today.. Please meet me tomorrow..:)



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hidden Truth..

You have captured my heart,
No.. wait! You have captured me..
You are someone who was missing from my life for long,
Like the lyrics without music in a song.
It's such a strange fact.. that I am in love with a person I can't be with..
It's not gonna happen, it never can, it never will,
I gotta stop feeling like this, I gotta end this..
I wish you could read what I wanted to write but couldn't..
I wish you could hear what I wanted to sing but didn't...
I wish you could feel what I feel and stopped my eyes to give it away..
I wish you could be mine, and I wish that I too was your wish..

But this is what it is.. and this is what it always will be..
The truth is the best but then its just for me..
So let it be hidden, deep under my thoughts..
For I wanna have faith in love.. for I don't wanna get hurt..