Sunday, December 5, 2010


I had written a long note on my second trip to Maher, but I somehow wasn't contented. I deleted it. Words are too less to describe the feeling one feels after bringing smile on their faces.. So pious, so serene, so calm. Children are really the best gift from God!!

Fearless, innocent, inquisitive, cheerful, lovable.. they truly know how to live and respect life. How to respect what you have. How to believe in yourself and learn the odds of this beautiful world. Maher is a place in shirur- 'mother's home' where I find the missing solace in me.

A day spent with them is a day where you realise the extent of materialism present in the world today and how we all are stuck in it's web. We all have really forgotten how much happiness and pleasure simple things of life can bring. 'A smile to a stranger can make her feel nice about herself' is not what we do. The children knew how to say 'Thank you' with humility. They were so talented and full of energy that it was difficult to believe life can be so simple and enjoyable if we lived it the way it should be.

I am not going to write more since the feeling is inexplicable. I am glad I reunited with my soul and felt peaceful.


  1. im speechless too..:)
    hey youre in india rite? in delhi rite arent you?...i can meet you!if thats okay with you?

  2. i dont know why but i can see the immense power of truth and above all peace , you inspire a lot.somehow we search god everywhere but you make realize he is within us.

  3. @Hexile.. am in pune..
    @Ranjan.. He is surely within us.. He is in our strength and weaknesses.. All you need to do is close your eyes, and find the connection with him..

  4. you look really cute in that yellow tee.

  5. @mango man and anonymous.. thanks..

  6. There are many ways that the Enemy seduces an individual, into falling away from God. One of the more sinister and silent is the seduction of being “right” and placing oneself above others.The visible is always a mirror of the invisible.

    We always have two choices in life, either put up with the conditions as they are, or take the responsibility to change them. Giving space to others in your life and bringing smile in their faces is what you have with simplicity.
    Keep up the good work !!!


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