Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things that bother me..(Part 1)

There have been many things that have been bothering me since a long time. I have so many times thought of writing about them but I don't know why I didn't. Today these things have caught hold of my inner self so much so that I simply knew I had to pen it down.

Since childhood, I had a weird good habit. I just couldn't throw even a piece of paper anywhere but in a trash can. This habit had actually made my schoolbag a dustbin, since I would not allow my friends to do the same and would end up collecting the trash in my bag which I never minded at all. A few times my Mommy had doubts that I was eating so much of junk at school but soon she understood what was happening. I just couldn't understand how did their 'conscience' allow them to do so. What was the use of us going to a school. My small mind had lots of questions and confusions which were always unanswered. I just could not get the fact that if they threw stuff in the 'dustbins' at their respective homes, why was it so difficult for them to do the same at school where we had big 'penguins' and 'kangaroos'.

As I grew up, I made sure that my friends had the habit of finding appropriate bins to throw stuff for which I had received appreciation and 'offo!!' comments.. lol..

No, but seriously.. Why is it so hard for us to follow this simple practice? Why is that a piece of waste is immediately thrown out of our car's windows or from the buses. Just because throwing litter all around is not banned by the Indian government, we think we do not have any responsibilities towards it. It takes two seconds for us to complain about the garbage lying all around the road. But how many of us have actually contributed towards it? It's very easy to 'like' the 'lifebuoy ads' and such stuff, but what after that?

We are Uneducated literate.. trust me. And it bugs me now and again. I remember an instance when I was in the car with my friends and they had stopped through a bottle on the roadside corner. I very softly said.."India is not a dustbin!".. he immediately reversed the car, picked up the bottle and threw it at a petrol pump where he found the bin..

I felt soooooooo very happy and knew that no matter what happens, I am sure he will never forget this himself too. And will surely follow the 'BIN' practice.

Guys, please understand that it's only us who can make a difference. Let your conscience realise that you do have a SENSE of concern and are EDUCATED.. not just literate.


  1. Very true... It's easy to become literate but difficult to become EDUCATED!
    We as a generation complain about everything that we have around us in INDIA... but never realize it is we who make India... INDIA... A country.. an identity..

  2. Well happy there are people like you.. please make sure that you contribute to the making of a better India.

  3. Couldn't agree more with you. I feel nothing but contempt for such people. Its quite an embarrassment when you see (presumably) educated youth driving swank cars and throwing rubbish through the window.
    To narrate an incident; at a traffic signal a guy seated in a skoda actually threw a banana peel on the road. I leaned from my bike picked it up and handed it to him saying, 'aapki izat neeche gir gayi thi' The signal turned green and he left with the peel in his hand, visibly embarrassed.

  4. @Prateek.. Am so very glad to know that you did that. We need more people like you for changing the mindset of India.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the experience. Loved it. Lets keep doing such acts. That's the only way people will realise.

  5. Thanks. But the thing is, being a staunch realist, i don't think reforming one person at a time is going to make much of a difference. Although that doesn't mean we should stop trying.

  6. wow...wht nice way to express your feeling !! i m going to fan of your writing !! keep going dear i m following you !!

    Jai HO Mangalmay HO

  7. Hi sneh.. read your blogs.. they are really amazing.
    Full of positive energy and of course reality. your creation of words is really beautiful. God bless you!! Looking forward to read ur next blog!! Hope I'll read it soon

  8. i have even seen trash being thrown from buses , hope someone could install waste paper baskets in them. but none of us have the implementation part !! can we do something about this strange idea?

    "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.
    ~Albert Einstein "


  9. An individual can only be a catalyst/spark/actuator to a reaction. For long term sustainability , the responsibility should be shared amongst the collective. I can only start a cleanliness campaign outside my house but in order to keep my whole locality clean, neighbors have to join hands as well. You have got a very nice view but its yet to be implemented by each and everyone.

  10. nyce... some food for thougth...


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