Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hatred is Hatred… you can’t help it!
When I say I hate that person,
I simply hate him…Just don’t question.
I hate him and that can’t be changed
I want his thoughts to be out.. to be drained!

Don’t tell me to ‘not to like him’,
I am sorry, I tried but couldn’t.
He has hurt me to the core and that is a fact
You still deny it, believe me, that is his tact.

One day I hope I’ll be free from all these crap,
I’ll be far away in my own land,
Happy and contented that I had a clear mind,
Maybe then you’ll see what it was meant to be,
Maybe then he’ll be doomed, since you’ll be with me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dusk to Dawn

I prayed the whole day,
I prayed the whole night,
I prayed the whole night and day,
For days together, to seek strength,
To seek the depth of reality,
To come out of the predicament of confusion,
To find what it felt like
To find how it feels..

I heard the sound of beats,
I saw the ray, sparkle.. that twinkle
I saw the radiance,
I tried to take the cognizance of what I saw and heard..
Is it an illusion, a conjuring trick?
I am not imbecile, I am a child, O Lord,
Who seeks a rejoinder, who wishes to come out of this riddle
The riddle which made me pray.. which was invincible!!

Alas! I could decipher the sound and the see,
I realised what the Lord wanted me to be,
I found the answers to what I asked,
It was ethereal, the touch but it was still masked..

I got an offer which I couldn’t repudiate,
I knew I was close, close enough
The radiance, the twinkle,
The joy that sprinkled
I found you in my prayers,
The answers to all my years.

The offer was to grow in your love,
To touch, to feel, to be free,
The riddle was solved, the tears were gone,
I know lie in your arms from dusk to dawn.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

its not a good feeling..

Jealousy- one of the definition which dictionary describes is, feeling angry or unhappy because sb you like or love is showing interest in sb else!!
I used to mock at this definition. In fact has made fun of it so many times that this ‘J’ word always brought a smile on my face even at a thought of it. I took this feeling as a joke till the time I myself experienced it.
Damn!! It hurt. Well it felt as if I had just drank a bottle of acid and it burnt all inside. It’s like a fire in there. It’s sick. This result into water coming from eyes which we human call tears. The tears do soothe some of the burning sensation but does not help for a long time.
Drinking water also fails. You simply feel like locking up yourself inside a room, with your thoughts, and away from all the social life. You feel like killing that person you are jealous from even though he/she might have not done any harm to you personally.
And if you are in this state for quiet sometime, it brings out the worst in you, the devil in you. I never knew I could be so possessive about an individual outside my family but love shows you everything.
Its been around a month now that I realised how jealous I was. Have done a lot to cure it. But the bits still remain. The feelings are felt sometimes but they stay for a very short duration.
Its only the love of your partner that can cure it to 100%. If he is successful in reviving that trust in you, your ‘J’ will vanish in the thin air..
I hope my day is nearby.. when I feel free to mock at this feeling again!