Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things that bother me..(Part 2)

Yup... its been a long time since I wrote..six months.. that is really loooong!!.. But then things changed in my life.. I got my first job.. first corporate experience.. First wonderful time with NEW friends.. so it kept me busy. Apologies to all my readers for the wait..

I did receive many mails with concern. Thank you all for appreciating my work with so much love.

My latest status update on facebook says, ' I hope with the events happening in the country we all have decided to bring about the change.. let's prove that we have the fire and the passion.. let's stand together against corruption!!!'.. supporting Anna Hazaare. This was something which I wanted to write in my Part 2.. but I won't.. Coz I AM SURE EACH ONE OF HAS REALISED THAT TOGETHER WE CAN BRING ABOUT THE DESIRED, WANTED CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN DREAMING FOR SO LONG.

I will not say 'Please support Anna'.. Coz if we feel it deep inside that we have the power, we can do anything. Anna has made us realise it. So lets support our inner selves, our conscience and fight for what is wrong..

We have kept quiet for a long time now. ENOUGH!!

Stand up.. And respect our nation!!

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  1. gud thoughts !! but in our country we have people who r mostly indecisive ,always wait for something to happen n with 'chalta hai' attitude (which means - this is the way n who cares), so awareness n information could be helpful,it could motivate people to stand against wrong , else the world would have already been corruption free & more safer place to live a long time back .


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