Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why do you hold yourself back??

Heard 'Come back when you can' by Barcelona???

Everytime I hear it,it makes me realize the power of true love.

Come back when you can
Let go, you'll understand
You have done nothing at all
To make me love you less
So come back when you can

I know one thing.. Just one thing.. My parents and my sis have never been upset on my mistakes for a long time. At the end of the day, they forgive me.. and move on.. to commit another one.. :P.. but that is how life goes.. isn't it???

What is the difference between a blood relation and not a blood relation??? Well, to me it is exactly what I have written above. They love you honestly. They teach good things and forgive you for your mistakes. They are always ready to give you a chance.. and trust me the number of chances are infinite!! They will always be worried about you. They care for you. Their love never fails. That's it..

And I strongly feel that if two individuals share such a bond, it's a relation as pious as divine and a bliss.

Mistakes happen, fights occur,
you shout, he shouts
you cry, she cries
you have second thoughts, he has the same,
but with those thoughts, you are scared.. Coz you know your life will be meaningless without him/her/them!!!

Learn to let go..

Life is too short to live in regrets.

Compliment her day and night.
Tell him that you love him immensely.
Make her feel special by your care.
Take good care of his likes.
Pamper her.
Watch soccer, watch movies..of 'both' choices..
hold hands..
Hug often..
Kiss a lot..
Walk together..

Coz it's very important to express love..

Let's not take our loved ones for granted. They are special. And they are ours..

We love them.. and they deserve all the love as we do..

So EXPRESS.. and bring a smile.. nope.. not just a smile.. but brings joyful tears in their lives..

After all, We all need love!!


  1. hmmm.....bt der r difrent phases in life...its abt xtremeties!!!...d softer d target ...d harder it gets HIT!

  2. Sometimes I need to hold on to something. Sometimes I need to let go, but sometimes its harder to decide what to do... !
    but in the case of blood relations i know i have to hold on.. they are my true love and will always be :)

    Nice read...



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