Friday, November 26, 2010

She came... and left me wondering!

She came in my dream last night,
looking beautiful and at peace,
she told me not to worry, she is fine,
and that she is there and will always be mine.

She told me that she sees my pain,
and is helpless that can't wipe my tears,
she said she wants me to be happy,
and asked me to erase my fears.

I told her that I am scared,
I don't want to lose her memories from my heart,
I told her that I loved her and I missed her so much,
I asked her why was she so far away, didn't she miss me
Didn't she ever yearn for my touch?

She smiled in front of me, but I knew she was crying inside,
She asked me if I would do something for her?
I smiled and said,'You never have to ask this question love, just say?'
and gave a promise that it will be done.

She gave me a box, and asked me to destroy it
I wondered what it was, I wondered why;
I asked her and she replied, 'it will give you strength',
So trusting her I destroyed, burnt it and what was left were ashes,
Amazingly I felt light, I looked around and she stood there smiling,
She then said, 'You just destroyed your past and now you have nothing to lose..'
'I miss you more than you can imagine, it's cold here and I am alone'
'I miss holding your hand, I miss your warmth, I miss you being there'
'I miss everything about you, the more I miss, the more I do'
'But the thing I miss the most is your happiness'
'So start anew, let things go... tomorrow it will be a new day, for u and for me'
'I want to be the reason for your smile, not tears'
'I want to be your strength, not fear'

and she went.

I woke with a start.. and wondered who she was!?

As I never had a chance to love, nobody ever loved me!!



  1. Longing for my Love for all these years and Dreaming of her has made her SO SPECIAL for me that i get scared that even if i get a chance to touch her and see her again, wud i be able to do that...She being more precious to me than myself, i guess she deserves more!!! She deserves much more than this Pranav, much more!!...May god give her all that happiness in life that She never ever had imagined of!!

  2. Pranav, you are a nice guy.. God bless you always..

  3. .............And u are somebodys Life!!!

  4. Hello Sneh,
    Well A realist & a believer in Almighty as well.
    I haven't gone through all your posts,but will surely do.I like the fact that you give all your readers HOPE & lot of optimism.Cheers to that.
    Also,would like your pen to give we readers, a realistic picture of this world in the form of rhythmic poem.


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