Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hidden Truth..

You have captured my heart,
No.. wait! You have captured me..
You are someone who was missing from my life for long,
Like the lyrics without music in a song.
It's such a strange fact.. that I am in love with a person I can't be with..
It's not gonna happen, it never can, it never will,
I gotta stop feeling like this, I gotta end this..
I wish you could read what I wanted to write but couldn't..
I wish you could hear what I wanted to sing but didn't...
I wish you could feel what I feel and stopped my eyes to give it away..
I wish you could be mine, and I wish that I too was your wish..

But this is what it is.. and this is what it always will be..
The truth is the best but then its just for me..
So let it be hidden, deep under my thoughts..
For I wanna have faith in love.. for I don't wanna get hurt..


  1. you know what? you are simply awesome sneh. it connects to the heart.well written.:)
    love it.


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