Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am not sad.. Am just a little philosophical..

Whenever one posts a new status on facebook, or talks sense.. people think he/she has lost his/her mind and is sad and I don't know what not.. I myself have witnessed this..
What I don't understand is what make them think that the other person is sad or stuff.. Can't they see the other side.. Being philosophical doesn't mean that the person has lost the charm or is not smiling.. Maybe he/ she learnt something good and wanted to share..Maybe they see a better world in those words.. Maybe its just a moral that is so much better than praising onself..
There is something that we all learn everyday.. There is something that we all should acknowledge everyday.. THere is so much to think about.. There is so much to see around.. There are so many truths we are not aware of.. There are so many lies we are surrounded by.. By saying all this I am not potraying my sadness.. Am being just me.. just me..


I write coz I love to. But I blog because the comments encourage me. Be free to pour in your thoughts..