Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a thought..

I thought I’ll never fall in love again,
I felt that I am safe from tears now,
I stopped dreaming of being a princess..
I avoided the thoughts of a lovable world,
The sphere was in a mess.

I very much believed that stories from the tales,
Were stories never promising to be true..
An illusion, a numbness, a fear of solitude..
It was all that I could see, all that I knew..

Anastacia, Pocahontas.. Some unbelievable romances..
Indescribable feelings, Enchanted and Dazzling skies..
These were out of my dictionary…
I was away from them.. away for miles..

And then you came.. You came and the air changed,
I felt what I was not supposed to feel,
I recovered from the wound which could not heal.

A new day, A new beginning
A new race for living,
Enthusiasm, fervour, zest and zeal
You knocked and were in
My heart welcomed, it was more than willing..


I write coz I love to. But I blog because the comments encourage me. Be free to pour in your thoughts..