Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well... Mmm.. So i have started to blog again!! Its been ages that i wrote; my diary has collected all the dust in the world, my mind has forgotten all the Hi-Fi english words, and my heart has become stronger... ????? We will talk about this later (the heart's case!!)

First year of MBA is about to get over.. and it seems like yesterday that we had joined SIMS and were feeling proud to be a simsite! I still remember the day (12 June, 2009) when i got up early in the morning (staying at DRDO mess) and was excited for my new journey. My father was with me. After I got ready (wearing a Saree), I was all set to join the 9-11 batch and he came to drop me to SIMS. I was a bit scared, a bit nervous and a bit confused. And i seriously don't know why!? I was nervous as I knew i was one step away from my dreams... and the the destination though was near, yet was far!!

Papa, my best friend.. No.. actually my bestest friend, understood what was going in my mind.. He gave me a tight hug and said,' We are proud of you sweetheart!'

And i knew that I am ready to rock and roll!!


  1. well i dono whether this gal remember me o not but ...after so long i got ya profile....seen ya pic...oh ma god no change at all... the very same gal who use to make some sensible talking in ma school days.... very sensitive... keen ...hard wrking... lolz...and one thing she had got so many fans out ther....;)... keep rocking tc bubyeeeeeeee....god bless u ma.....

  2. hi sneha ,this is monish rajesh who studied with u longback, i really like this post from u, U r really the most luckiest person to have such a nice dad........ wishes to ur dad for u r in such good position in life


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