Monday, October 18, 2010

Unable to let it go..

A strange feeling inside..
Yeah.. Very strange. I don't want to believe in love,
Yet I find so much love inside me..
I loved you and I don't want to say how much coz you know..
And loving you made me love YOU more, made me love the world around me.
Now I have so much of love in me.. And I am unable to let it go..
I wanna find it's origin so that I can send it back there,
But I don't remember when, where and how it took birth,
Coz as far as I remember, I always loved you..
Since the day I was born!
This means that I will take this love to my grave..
Loving you is all I do,


YOUR LOVE which I don't have, is all I want.. all I crave!


  1. Hi u know what? after reading abt ur blog face u seems dat u r deep inside with ample of affection to humanity. But a the same time u have sum regrets in life regarding sum relationships. Wat say? stay +ve. Thinks work.

  2. Hey aryan.. you are somwhat right.. but now all that lies in the past.. and I have learnt to move on without regrets.. thanks for reading my blog and commenting.. it means a lot..


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