Thursday, September 23, 2010

A big thanks..

To be honest.. things are not good.. Yes.. they have been keeping me sad.. and unwell as well (:P).. I had been lying to myself for such a long time.. Had been asking Almighty why me..?? My friends got sick of me.. I got sick of myself.. really.. the blues were just not ready to leave me.. or maybe, I was too blind to see that it was me who was holding them back.. and not letting them go..

But I don't know from where came a friend.. an old school friend.. actually two.. one from my second standard.. the other from my eight standard.. whose words worked as a miracle and made me realise that I had lost myself.. For no reason..They don't know me that well.. But then they know what I was.. and now what I am.. and I now could see the difference..

Thanks friends.. I know if my fantasy world doesn't exist.. I'll make one..!!


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