Friday, May 7, 2010

It's everything..

The laughter which is always wanted to be heard,
The tickle which made others smile,
The mistakes which were always welcomed,
The belief that this innocence has no end.

The yawn that made them go awe..
The chuckle that was known to be a God’s wonder,
The door which was never closed till the time you held your senses,
The time was never less to mend your nuisances.

The place is your own, it’s where you belong,
A dwelling which is invaluable, which is why you exist!
A heart which grew younger with your beats,
A shelter which gave you your life,
A roof which made you touch the sky,
It’s not in Paris, It’s not in Rome,
It’s where your soul is, it’s your home..


  1. That is a lovely poem, Sneh. I did not know that you were also a fine poetess, among your other attributes.

    Chanced upon your blog, nice place to visit

  2. Hey dear you said it!!! 'Home is where the love & soul live for ever' nice & clear thoughts

  3. wonderful poem with rhyme and soul.


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