Friday, June 4, 2010

I wanna sleep peacefully..

I did what I shouldn’t have,
I lost which was all I had
I never knew this would bring us apart
I thought I was the only one on the card

A year without your presence,
A year without your feel,
That fragrance of your perfume, that warmth of your hug
Will I ever get that back? Will it stop to bug?

I said am sorry, I cried, I shouted
It was unintentional; it was not what it was
I thought you knew me well, I thought we were one
I think what I thought was not worth, I failed... Fate won!

This feeling is killing me; it is the most terrible fear
I have lost my confidence; I have lost faith in love
Maybe you know this, Maybe you don’t
But I know that without you.. I won’t live, No, I won’t

I was no more the one for you... I was not the one who knew you
It felt like a somebody else, it felt like a morning grass without dew

I have agreed it’s my mistake, I totally have accepted,
But one thing which I don’t, Is the privacy that we have lost
I don’t accept to stay away from you; I don’t agree that your love is more
I don’t agree to the fact that you care, Coz all I agree is that your love is pure.


  1. Hmmmm........ early morning thoughts posted do indicate the upheaval in mind. Pure love has no boundaries & is always unconditional. Pure love makes one stronger and stronger to face challenges of life. In some ways its also 'unconditional sacrifice'

  2. Thanks Papa.. I have learnt it through experiences.. love you..


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