Friday, November 11, 2016

Note 7:

And I stepped out. I couldn't hold my breath in those closed chambers for this long. Stuck I felt. Uncomfortable and dejected. Tired. But not lost. Nope. Never lost. I could see the streak of light from the corners of the window. I could hear the sound of the wind behind those doors. I could smell the ambrosial FREEDOM. There was celerity in my thoughts. I was told I wasn't the perfect fit. Time and again. Well, I wasn't. I knew I was eximious. Insouciant. But tired. I was tired. T I R E D.

Tired of holding my breath. Stuck I felt. Uncomfortable and dejected.

So, I stepped out.

And I opened my eyes to see the light of hope, to hear the sound of encouragement and to realise my FREEDOM.


I write coz I love to. But I blog because the comments encourage me. Be free to pour in your thoughts..