Friday, February 10, 2017

Note 11:

Jab chodda tha tumne mera haath, samajh mein aaya tab ki kabhi pakda hi nahin tha.
Kehti toh thi main ki iss kadar gehri neend aati hai tumhari baahon mein, par socha nai tha ki neend na aane ki wajah bhi tum honge;
Ghazal nahin thi, Humari poori kahani thi meri aankhon mein,
Khwaish thi padhkar tum apni sabse sarvsreshtra kitaab likhoge, toh shayad uss khwaab ko ek shakhsiat si haqiqat mil jaye.
Bad kismati toh dekho, miley bhi hum jab unke mohabbat ke ehsaas khatte ho chale... Bad kismati toh dekho, hum unhe pasand aate hue bhi napasand hi reh gaye.


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