Monday, February 13, 2017

Note 12:

Babe.. I am no more than a normal human. I do not want to be the best. Neither for you nor for the world. I only want to be self-reliant and independent. I want to fight my own battles and be able to live with the decisions I have made. I want to be able to love myself so much, that I never even for a minute feel unloved. I do not wish to be the perfect woman according to you. I wish to be the one for me. I do not want to ever hurt anyone and call myself a realist. I want to be kind and spread hope because there are enough reasons for people to be rude to one another. Time and again I have been told by you that you feel I act my emotions and am confused. I smile within because I know who I am and why it makes you feel so. I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to lie about. I am what I am. Inside out. I can't pretend. I guess this isn't common anymore. Or maybe you do not want to see it for real. You may live in the world where literate and educated people shouldn't be taking wrong decisions. If they do, they are considered insensible. I live in the world where I know that literate and educated people are humans with emotions. They can make mistakes. But what is most important is the learning from it, the growth from it and the person you become after accepting it. If I am a challenge to you, you are a challenge to me too. Not a challenge where I would want you to fall for me, it is a challenge where I am improving my inner strength facing you. A challenge which will make me stronger to face the world since I am learning to choose. Am learning to choose what should affect me and what shouldn't. What should matter to me and what shouldn't. We live in different worlds and there is no match. There can never be. I am unsure what you are benefitting from me but I am learning to become a better version of me for sure.


I write coz I love to. But I blog because the comments encourage me. Be free to pour in your thoughts..